Kind Words from Others:

“If we are to take contemporary writing at its word, then Chris Hutchinson is among its foremost practitioners, forsaking the certainties of space, time and locus for that collective unconscious known as the Internet. This is fleet-of-foot, informed writing — tomorrow’s writing today.” ~ Michael Turner

“Hutchinson’s poems read as though written by a benign, alien intelligence: different from our own, faraway, yet nonetheless in awe of what it best understands. If we don’t tune-in to these wonderful, unexpected frequencies, then we are probably doomed.” ~Paul Vermeersch

“Chris Hutchinson’s second collection of poems is remarkable for its lyric foldings, its lyric expansions, both of which permit a sort of vivid time travel where wisdom collects and stands against sadness and happiness — this is the logic of an Elizabethan underground — simply brilliant!” ~Norman Dubie 

“(Hutchinson’s) poetic project is not only to encapsulate the everyday in words, but also to use words to draw attention to that which exists outside of language. It is this subtlety, along with a keen sense of irony, that allows Hutchinson to examine nothing less than the human condition.” ~Alison Pick, Globe and Mail

“Each poem here is an incredibly crafted, often beautiful abstraction of an idea and/or artistic premise, and the book’s range of historical influences and references is staggering.” ~Owen Percy, Canadian Literature

“What Hutchinson has in abundance is an energy and talent willing to go to the end of his obsessions.”  ~Nick Thran, Event Magazine

Photo by Tabor Warren Photography